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Newsletter for 12th November 2020

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Newsletter for 12th November 2020

Dear Parents,

It is hard to believe that we are into November already!  2020 has been a year that we will never forget.  As we move towards the end of the year we are continuing to keep the children in a solid work routine to ensure that they make the most of the time left before the Christmas break. 

As mentioned in previous newsletters we are slowly getting a greater understanding of what is and isn’t possible in regards to end of year events and activities.  It was with pleasure that we could let the Year 6 students know this week that we will be having a graduation for them on Thursday the 17th of December.  Understandably, this will look very different from previous years due to the pandemic and the associated guidelines that we are required to follow.  A letter with further details has been sent to Year Six families.  Over the next few weeks we will forward to parents details of other events and activities that are planned.

Remembrance Day

Yesterday we remembered all of those who sacrificed so much to allow us to enjoy what we have in Australia today.  As a school we took time to remember together yesterday.

We held our first online assembly was last week and it was great to see so many families join us online. The Grade 6 Leaders run these assemblies.  This week’s assembly will also have a Remembrance Day theme and is at 2.15pm on the following link;  

Staffing Update

It is with pleasure that we welcome Mrs Louise Breeden onto the staff next year as our PE teacher.  Louise has previously been a staff member at St Pat’s and is currently the PE teacher at St Clare’s, Officer.  She is very excited about returning to St Pat’s and I am sure that she will be made to feel welcome by all.


We ask that all families please apply sunscreen before your children come to school and your children bring a small sunscreen that they can re-apply if required.  Due to regulations we are not able to provide sunscreen at school.

School Board

The Annual General Meeting of the St Patrick's School Board will be held on Wednesday 25th November at 7pm.  Once again we will be seeking new members for the coming year as Parent Representatives.  Nomination forms are attached to this newsletter. School Advisory Board meetings are held twice per term in the evening.  Representation from the parent body of the school is important and is for a period of two years (though more than one term can be served).  The Board acts as an advisory group to the Principal in matters pertaining to the running of the School.  Also on the School Board are reprsentatives from the Parish, the School staff and the Parents and Friends committee. 

COVID Procedures

I remind parents that the following COVID safe procedures remain in place;

  • No child is to be dropped at school before 8.40am. Parents are not to park but rather use the drop off lane. 
  • As per last term when we were on-site we have a staggered afternoon collection. Families with a surname beginning with A - K need to collect their children at 2.55pm. Families with the surname beginning with L - Z collect their children at 3.10pm.  Again: we ask that you do not park and if you place your surname inside the front window it assists us enormously to hasten up collection.  
  • If you are running late for whatever reason please park in the service road at the front of the school and call the Office from the front gate. Admin staff will then come out and meet your child and take them to their classroom.
  • There will be no before school play and students will go straight to their classrooms.
  • Birthdays – we are very happy to acknowledge and celebrate your child’s birthday with them in the classroom. However, due to COVID, children cannot bring chocolate, lollies etc. to share with others for their birthday.
  • The children are not to bring sports equipment from home. It will be provided at school and sanitized regularly.
  • Promoting age-appropriate hygiene practices for all students.
  • Every child must have their own drink bottle, bubble taps are switched off.
  • Reminding all students to wash their hands with soap and water or when this is not possible, use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser on arrival at school and regularly throughout the day.
  • Reinforcing with students the following hygiene practices;
    • cough and/or sneeze into their elbows or a tissue,
    • place used tissues straight into the bin,
    • avoid touching eyes, noses or mouths,
    • not to share food or drink,
    • not to drink from water fountains or bubblers directly (they will be switched off).
  • Extending school cleaning programs during the school day, including cleaning school playground equipment after use.
  • Communication with teaching staff is via email, dojo or phone.
  • The School Office is open by appointment only.
  • Remote Learning work will not be provided for those parents that choose to keep their children at home.
  • A critical aspect of the return to on-site learning will be a strict enforcement of the community requirements to maintain physical distancing especially at the start and finish of the school day.


For parents and guardians;


  • Practise physical distancing and avoid long periods of time in close contact with other adults.
  • Use the telephone, dojo or email to contact staff rather than visiting the school.
  • Do not enter the school grounds.
  • Adhere to the school’s pick and drop off requirements for students.
  • Parents, guardians and carers will also be required to wear a face mask when attending the school, including when dropping off or picking up your child(ren) or if you are required to collect an unwell child(ren) from school, unless an exemption applies.
  • If your child is experiencing signs or symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19), they must not attend the school until their symptoms resolve and appropriate medical advice is obtained. This includes those showing even mild symptoms of COVID-19. Medical clearance confirmation needs to be emailed to the Office prior to return.
  • The symptoms to watch out for are fever, chills or sweats, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, runny nose, loss of sense of smell.


2021 Foundation (Prep) Enrolments

A reminder that the dates for Foundation 2021 transition are as follows;

  • Wednesday 2nd December – 9.30-11.30am
  • Thursday 10th December – 9.30 – 11.30am

We continue to take 2021 Foundation enrolments.  If you need enrolment forms, or know of someone else who does, can you please request them at  Unfortunately, during this pandemic we cannot take tours or hold large gatherings, however we are holding meetings over the phone with those that inquire.

Noone (school uniform clothing company) have informed us that they are open for Foundation student fittings.  All enrolled families should have received an email from the School Office outlining how to book.

Camps and Excursions

Unfortunately, due to COVID, camps and excursions are cancelled again for Term Four. Many of the events and activities that were planned for the year did not eventuate.  Fil will be contacting families over the next few weeks regarding levies that have been paid and whether families would like a refund or credit.


Where a family holds a valid Health Care Card there is a concession applied to the school fee account. This year to qualify, the card had to be valid before 14th April, however, for this year only, this eligibility period has been extended until 5th October.

If you have recently become eligible for a Health Care Card, please contact Fil in the school office by email: . You will need to provide a copy of your Health Care Card and fill in the attached CSEF Application that is included with this newsletter. 

Please also feel welcome to call Fil if your family circumstances have changed and you would like a confidential discussion regarding fees.







Reagan PNC, Lucas 3AT, Marcus 3RS, Daniella 4RD, Mercy 6LR, Isabella 2LM, Saihaj 5NB, Amelia PJK, Michel 4EM, Joseph 4RD, Lily 5TA 



Friday 13th November 2020

Online assembly please use the link below.

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Foundation/Prep 2021 Transition Day       9.30am - 11.30am

Thursday 10th December 2020

Foundation/Prep 2021 Transition Day       9.30am - 11.30am

Monday 14th December 2020

Whole school transition day

Tuesday 15th December 2020

Whole School Mass - 9.30 Live Stream

Thursday 17th December 2020

Last day for students. 

If any families are struggling at this time and would like to reach out for a chat or support please contact Meg Escalante, our Wellbeing officer, via email on  You can also see the leaflet below from the Be You website which has contact numbers for you to call. 


Many people come to Be You with a particular question or issue in mind, and the Fact Sheets are a great starting point to get answers. They’re also a valuable resource to share with families and others in your learning community. 

Fact Sheets are accessible through the following seven themes:


Due to the continuing COVID restrictions, there will be no  celebration of the Sacraments in 2020. The children in grade 6 have been prepared for the Sacrament of Confirmation and will hopefully celebrate it next year. The children in grade 4 are being prepared for the sacrament of First Eucharist and will receive First Communion next year. The children in grade 3 are being prepared for the sacrament of Reconciliation and will receive it early next year.

Hopefully we will be able to accommodate the extra numbers in 2021.

Prep NC’s Writing, 11/11/2020 During Literacy Rotations, the Hungry Hippos group are involved in a fun activity called Roll Me a Story –for this activity, the students had to roll a dice & choose different characters and scenarios to create their stories.  These are their efforts.

Ceanna Branson:  

Who? The life guard    Where? In the tent   What?  Opened a mysterious gift  

Story: The tent was in the wind, so it blew away and the lifeguard was in the tent. Then the lifeguard found a gift and opened it up.


Isabel Cohen:  

Who? The knight    Where? On the boat   What?  Pretended to be asleep  

Story: The knight was in a boat and pretended to be asleep. He was playing a game and he’s cheeky.


Isabel Cohen:  

Who? The robot    Where? In a rocket   What?  Skipped everywhere

Once, the robot was in a rocket and he loves rockets! He stole the rocket from someone, and skipped everywhere around the rocket.

Charlotte Ramsay:  

Who? A boy    Where? In the cabin   What?  Made a sandcastle

A boy went to camp and he went into a cabin. Then he went to the sandpit and brought the sand into the cabin. He made a sandcastle.  

David Ajayi-Daniels:  

Who? The prince    What?  He was turned into a mermaid   Where? In a cave

Once a prince went into a cave and he was turned into a mermaid by a magical dragon.


Lucas Langen:  

Who? The pig    What?  Was a ghost   Where? On the school bus

The pig went on the school bus and turned into a ghost. He scared all of the children and the driver, off the bus!


Nyankoor Riak Dhor:  

Who? The magician    What?  Made magic    Where? At school

The magician came to our school. He grabbed the hat, said magical words and a rabbit came out of the hat.

We hope you enjoy reading the stories these Preps have written.

They are improving on including more detail in their writing now!


Have you installed the new SZapp?   

Skoolbag is no longer being used, install SZapp now! 

 Follow the installation guide below to install the new app on your smart devices.  



By now you would of realised that Care Monkey has changed their name to Operoo so all the correspondence you would have received from the Care Monkey Administrator is now Operoo Administrator.   When you log in to Care Monkey you will be redirected to the Operoo webpage but please update your bookmarks and links as soon as you can.   The way the program looks and the way you use it hasn't changed.  


Please remember to update any details in Operoo, for example change of address or phone number,  this will send us a message that your details have changed and we are then able to update our database.

Don't forget to upload your child's hayfever letters including symptoms specific to your child!





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