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"That they may all be one, as you Father, are in me and I am in you"


Newsletter for 11th February 2021

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Newsletter for 11th February 2021

Dear Parents,


It has been an excellent start to the year with the children quickly settling into a sound working routine. Whilst we are attempting to plan as much as possible for the children this year, we still need to remain cognizant of the fact that we are operating in the midst of a pandemic and this requires adjustments and flexibility.    At times it can occur that what is acceptable to undertake on one day is not the next, and vice versa.  We ask that parents are understanding of this. 

We are a student’s first school and all decisions we make are based on what is best for the students.  We will always attempt to undertake all events and activities that we can with the children, however, safety has to remain the highest priority.

Family Learning Conversations 2nd and 3rd of March

Our Family Learning Conversations will be conducted on the 2nd and the 3rd of March.  Online booking details will be forwarded via the newsletter next week.  Please note that due to COVID the Family Learning Conversations will again be via Google Meet.

COVID Procedures

I remind parents that the following procedures are in place for the safety of all;

  • Parents wishing to come into the grounds to drop off or collect their children must wear a mask, scan the QR code on the way in and wait out the front of the classroom. Please do not enter the rooms and please ensure you social distance whilst waiting.  You must limit your visit to less than 15 minutes, gates open at 3pm at the end of the day.
  • Parents waiting for children in the pick-up lines need to ensure that their children know which carpark to go to.
  • Meetings with staff are by appointment only. Any parent that is going to be in the school for more than 15 minutes needs to sign in and complete the COVID form at the Office.
  • Please communicate with staff via phone or email.
  • The Office is open if required, however, please where a mask and observe the density limits (maximum of 6 people). It is preferable to phone or email if possible rather than come to the Office.
  • All extra cleaning and hand hygiene that was in place last year is still being adhered to.
  • Please do not send food items to share with others when it is your child’s birthday as they cannot be handed out.
  • If your child is sick or displaying symptoms please keep them at home. Children that present as sick or displaying symptoms at school will be sent home.
  • Bubble taps are operational at school.
  • An ample amount of sports equipment will be provided at school so we ask that students do not bring equipment from home.


2022 Foundation (Prep) Tours

We are currently taking Foundation enrolments and running 2022 Foundation (Prep) Tours by appointment.  If you know of anyone considering St Pat’s for their child please ask them to call the school Office on 5943-9000 and book a tour.


Grade 6 Camp

As mentioned last week we have been informed by the Catholic Education Office that no interstate Camps will be occurring due to the snap border closures that can occur and the possibility that we could get caught on the wrong side of the border.  We are currently finalising the booking of another camp within Victoria and we will let parents know as soon as a new venue and dates are confirmed.



Due to COVID restrictions and the limited access we can have to the school site at the moment outside of hours we are having difficulty looking after our chickens.  A school family has kindly offered to give them a new home where I am sure they will be well looked after. 








Nelson 2V, Kabir 2DG, Karan 2G, Campbell 3M, Simon 5RS, Amber 3M, Oliver 4D, Van 2G, Julian 6R, Austin 3D, Cyrus 3D, Emily 6R



Wednesday 17th February 2021

Beginning of Year Mass 11.30am

Link for Mass

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Family Learning Converstations

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Family Learning Conversations

 Thursday 4th March 2021

School Photos 

Wednesday 31st March 2021

Last day of Term 1 for students


Hello St Patrick’s community, we are the School Captains for 2021! You can come to us anytime with questions, problems or even to just say hello or tell us that our badges are upside down! We are more than happy to help. We are looking forward to seeing everyone following the school rules, Respect, Safety and Cooperation. We will always try to put our best feet forward and keep a smile on your face. We will also encourage you to strive and reach your full potential in everything you do! Helping you gives us great joy. We have some awesome ideas that we would love to share with this wonderful community. If you have any ideas, please do not be afraid to share them with us. We might look scary, but the only type of scary we are is... scary good! We will try our best to have a fantastic year in 2021! 

From your School and Vice Captains:


Pearl, Francis, Meagan and Seth. 

                       2021 House Captains 

Good evening students and parents of St.Patrick’s Primary School. We are proud to be the house captains of 2021. We would like to give the students of this school a year to remember. We would like to invite all the students to come to Active Club on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. We would like to encourage all the students to come to school either by walking, riding or any other physical way of arriving, if possible. The house captains this year are pleased to help the students no matter the circumstance. We will be coming to each class to collect the house points and the house who has won will be announced at assembly. Feel free to come to us for guidance or if you have any questions. Don’t hesitate to come and ask us anything. You can come up to us no matter what house colour you are, you can come up to us even if you're in a different house to the captain you are going to approach. Blue House captains this year are Lucas, Andjela and Jordan. Green House captains this year are Rishi and Rachel. Red House captains are Sophie and Nelson. Gold House captains are Mikaylah and Ryan. Don't hesitate to approach us!


2021 Social Justice Captains 

Good evening students, parents and teachers  of St Patrick’s. Here's an article from the social justice captains.

As Social Justice Captains, Deng, Sophie L, Phoebe and Kody are  here to  prevent bullying and other negative treatment of people and to make it so no one brags about something. We are here to make sure no-one has their feelings hurt. Since we’re captains we're always going to be there for you. We are your friendly giants and always going to cheer anyone up and we’re not the only ones who can do it!  All of you can help too, so if someones sad don’t just wait for us to come, you can do it! If you’re new to the school or don’t have any friends we’ll come find you some friends or be your friends. We’ll also teach you how to befriend people, we will also teach you to be positive and nice and other things. Don’t worry we don’t bite, we’re here to help!


Deng, Kody, Phoebe & Sophie L

Why Play is Important!

If any families are struggling at this time and would like to reach out for a chat or support please contact Meg Escalante, our Wellbeing officer, via email on

You can also visit the Be You website which has contact numbers for you to call. 


Our Beginning of Year and Ash Wednesday Mass will be held on 17th February at 11.30am. 

Click on the link below to view. 

Link for Mass


Sacrament Dates for 2021

Reconciliation - Grade 4 Students

    23rd and 24th February - Booking details set out soon!

First Holy Communion - Grade 4 and Grade 5 Students

21st and 22nd April - Parent Workshop

Communion Masses - Every Saturday and Sunday in May - Booking details will be given out during the Workshops. 

Confirmation - Grade 6 Students

22nd July - Parent Workshop

31st July - 1st August - Enrolment Masses

7th and 8th August - Formation Masses

14th and 15th August - Formation Masses

20th and 21st August - Confirmation Masses

Reconciliation - Grade 3 Students

14th October - Parent Workshop

20th and 21st October - Reconcilation 

School Photographs for 2021 - St Patricks Pakenham

will be by our School Photographers, Spargo Photography.

On  Thursday, 4 March 2021.

Students are to be in full school uniform.


There is no need to return any forms or payment to school before photo day, however, sibling photos must be requested online before 5pm the day prior.

To order click on the following links;

                School Photographs Orders

                Access Key: FEX5MAN3


If you have any inquiries, please contact us on (03) 5942 5234

Grade 5 Art

Image result for scholastic books

Book club catalogue's will go home today!   Orders are due in by Friday 19th February.   All orders must be done on line via the scholastic web site.  

Please see the flyer below for instructions on how to order.

   Cash payments will not be accepted!

Have you installed the new SZapp?   

Skoolbag is no longer being used, install SZapp now! 

 Follow the installation guide below to install the new app on your smart devices.  



Welcome to the new families to the school! Operoo is our Care Profile site.  Parents are asked to set up a profile for their child, listing any medical requirements or conditions, and regularly update it.  During the year if permissions are required for excursions or camps, Operoo is where you, as parents, need to log on and accept or decline.  

Communication is also sent via Operoo's email system so please make sure this is set up and up to date.  

Please log in and accept the ICT User Agreement for 2021 if you havent already done so!

Please remember to update any details in Operooo, for example change of address or phone number,  this will send us a message that your details have changed and we are then able to update our database.

Don't forget to upload your child's hayfever letters including symptoms specific to your child!

Paddy's Kitchen's purpose is to make a difference in people's lives, by providing a fresh, nutritious meal in a friendly environment.  Paddy's Kitchen serves every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from St Patrick's Pakenham, Parish hall.  Dinner at 6pm


Families with students who access the School Bus Program are reminded to ensure they have made and accepted an application for travel for the 2021 school year. Please log onto your School Bus Management System account to view the details and ensure your child has a valid travel approval. Should you not require travel please either decline the offer or let the school or the SBMS team you no longer require a travel offer you have accepted via This will enable the seat to be allocated to another student.