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"That they may all be one, as you Father, are in me and I am in you"


Newsletter for 25th February 2021

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Newsletter for 25th February 2021

Dear Parents,

It was great to finally be able to celebrate our Beginning of Year Mass today after having to reschedule it due to COVID restrictions.  A big thanks to Fr Paul for celebrating the Mass and Noleen Chalmers for her organisation.  At the end of the Mass our 2021 School Leaders were presented with their badges.  Congratulations to the following children;

School Captains: Pearl, Francis

School Vice Captains:  Seth, Meagan

House Captains:     

      Blue House CaptainsJordan, Lucas, Andjela

      Red House Captains;  Sophie, Nelson 

      Green House Captains;  Rishi, Rachael

      Gold House Captains;  Ryan, Mikaylah

Social Justice Leaders:  Phoebe, Deng, Sophie, Kody


Sacramental Program

Over the last couple of nights, the students who missed out on the Sacramental Program last year due to COVID have been able to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  It is wonderful for these children and their families.   Throughout the year all Sacraments will be provided to students who were unable to complete them last year, as well as providing the Sacraments to the students who were due to celebrate them this year.  On behalf of everyone I thank Fr Janeesh, Fr Paul, Siji, Noleen Chalmers and the whole Sacramental Team for providing these opportunities for our families.  It is a large undertaking. 

Family Learning Conversations 2nd and 3rd of March

Our Family Learning Conversations (FLC’s) will be conducted next Tuesday the 2nd, and Wednesday the 3rd, of March.  Families should have already booked a time online with their teacher/s.  Due to COVID the FLC’s will be conducted via Google Meet, your child’s teacher will send you an invite.

District Swimming

Well done to all of the students who competed in the District Swimming yesterday, they were a wonderful advertisement for our school.   Thanks to Louise Breeden for her organisation.

COVID Procedures

I remind parents that the following procedures are in place for the safety of all;

  • Parents wishing to come into the grounds to drop off or collect their children must wear a mask, scan the QR code on the way in and wait out the front of the classroom. Please do not enter the rooms and social distance whilst waiting.  You must limit your visit to less than 15 minutes, gates open at 3pm at the end of the day.
  • Parents waiting for children in the pick-up lines need to ensure that their children know which carpark to go to.
  • Meetings with staff are by appointment only. Any parent that is going to be in the school for more than 15 minutes needs to sign on and complete the COVID form at the Office.
  • Please communicate with staff via phone or email.
  • The Office is open if required, however, please wear a mask and observe the density limits (maximum of 6 people). It is preferable to phone or email if possible rather than come to the Office.
  • All extra cleaning and hand hygiene that was in place is still being adhered to.
  • Please do not send food items to share with others when it is your child’s birthday as they cannot be handed out.
  • If your child is sick, or displaying symptoms, please keep them at home. Children that present as sick or displaying symptoms at school will be sent home.
  • Bubble taps are operational at school.
  • An ample amount of sports equipment will be provided at school so we ask that students do not bring equipment from home.


Morning Bells and Gates

Our first bell in the morning goes at 8.50am.  This is to signal to the children to start heading to class and to prepare for face to face learning from 9.00am.  The roll is also taken at 9.00am.   To ensure we have the most accurate data and so absence SMS’s are not sent out by mistake, all the gates are shut at 8.55am.  If you arrive at school after 8.55am please bring your child around to the office so they can be signed in and then sent to class.  Then the roll will then be adjusted accordingly.


2022 Foundation (Prep) Tours

We are currently taking Foundation enrolments and running 2022 Foundation (Prep) Tours by appointment.  If you know of anyone considering St Pat’s for their child please ask them to call the school Office on 5943-9000 and book a tour.











Amreen 5SA, Hannah PrM, Violet 5SA, Deng 5TA, Ellie 3D, Brax 4D, Maria 4D, Emma 5T, Phillip 1MT,



Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Family Learning Converstations 

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Family Learning Converstations

 Thursday 4th March 2021

School Photos -

To order click on the following link;

         School Photographs Orders

       Access Key: FEX5MAN3

No need to return anything to school!


Wednesday 31st March 2021

Last day of Term 1 for students

Children in Prep have approached their learning of Japanese very enthusiastically. During their Japanese lessons this year, they have been learning some simple greetings. The children have realised that in Japan, people greet each other by bowing. They have discovered that bowing is an important part of the Japanese culture and that bowing to someone when greeting them in Japan is polite. Students have also come to understand that boys and girls bow slightly differently.

The children have learnt to say the Japanese words ‘Konnichi Wa’ meaning ‘Hello’, ‘Sayounara’ meaning ‘Good-bye’ and ‘Sensei’ meaning ‘Teacher’.

Prep children have also learned that Japanese people write in a different way to people in Australia. They have been taking part in learning games and activities recognising and writing the Japanese symbols forこんにちは (Konnichi Wa) and さようなら (Sayounara). Students have also played an online game where they drag and drop the Japanese symbols forこんにちは  (Konnichi Wa) into their correct order.

This week, classes throughout the school have been learning about Japan’s most important celebration, New Year called ‘Oshougatsu’ in Japanese and some of the customs and traditions associated with this holiday.

The photos below are of some of the Prep children participating in some of the Japanese learning games and completing consolidation activities.

Congratulations to Sophie, Sneha, Archer, Kane, Shaylyn, Lillian, Max and Alexander who represented St Pat’s at the Pakenham District Swimming Carnival yesterday. The sun was shining and the water was a little icy for the first few seconds but all put in their best effort in the pool! 

Whilst the team did not walk away with any blue ribbons on the day, all of the students were a wonderful asset to our school. They wore their uniform with pride, cheering and encouraging all competitors. Thank you to parents and carers who prepared their children for the day and to Mrs Blackwood and Mrs Viney for walking them to the pool and supporting them at the venue. 

Stay active!

Louise Breeden


Why Play is Important!

If any families are struggling at this time and would like to reach out for a chat or support please contact Meg Escalante, our Wellbeing officer, via email on

You can also visit the Be You website which has contact numbers for you to call. 


Congratulations to our School Leaders who received there badges today. 


Captains and Vice Captains

House Captains
Social Justice Leaders

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Sacrament of Reconciliation this week!   Very soon we will start our preparation for the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.  Please keep an eye on your emails and Operoo. 


Sacrament Dates for 2021

First Holy Communion - Grade 4 and Grade 5 Students

21st and 22nd April - Parent Workshop

Communion Masses - Every Saturday and Sunday in May - Booking details will be given out during the Workshops. 

Confirmation - Grade 6 Students

22nd July - Parent Workshop

31st July - 1st August - Enrolment Masses

7th and 8th August - Formation Masses

14th and 15th August - Formation Masses

20th and 21st August - Confirmation Masses

Reconciliation - Grade 3 Students

14th October - Parent Workshop

20th and 21st October - Reconcilation 

School Photographs for 2021 - St Patricks Pakenham

will be by our School Photographers, Spargo Photography.

On  Thursday, 4 March 2021.

Students are to be in full school uniform.


There is no need to return any forms or payment to school before photo day, however, sibling photos must be requested online before 5pm the day prior.

To order click on the following links;

                School Photographs Orders

                Access Key: FEX5MAN3


If you have any inquiries, please contact us on (03) 5942 5234

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Paddy's Kitchen's purpose is to make a difference in people's lives, by providing a fresh, nutritious meal in a friendly environment.  Paddy's Kitchen serves every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month from St Patrick's Pakenham, Parish hall.  Dinner at 6pm

Paddy’s Kitchen is an outreach program initiated by the parishioners of St. Patrick’s Church, Pakenham, to serve our community.
Students, staff and parents of St Patrick’s school have been playing an important role to reach out to the community by volunteering to help with cooking, serving and cleaning.  As one of the team leaders of Paddy’s’ Kitchen, I would like to invite the parents and friends of St Patrick’s school to be involved and assist to reach out to our beautiful Pakenham community.
Through this program, our school community makes it evident that, ‘The person is not only sacred but also social. Moreover, we believe we have a right and a duty to participate in society, seeking together the common good and well-being of all, especially poor and vulnerable people.’

Please email me if you have any questions with how you can be a part of Paddy’s Kitchen.
Tresa Andrews