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Newsletter for 27th August 2020

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Newsletter for 27th August 2020

    Dear Parents,

    Planning for the 2021 year has already commenced.  I ask that parents please respect the fact that teachers are professionals and put an enormous amount of work into the selection of grades.  The process this year, if we are back on site, will involve the children being given the opportunity to write down the names of four people they would like in their grade for next year and we will ensure that they get one of the people they have chosen.

    I ask that if parents have any genuine requests for grade selection next year that they please put that in writing and email it to by Friday the 9th of October (end of Week One Term Four).  Requests forwarded after this date will not be considered. Please note that whilst this is a request, and it will be taken into consideration, it is not a guarantee.  

    Who is teaching where next year has not been decided yet so please do not request teachers.  At St Pat’s we work collaboratively together to ensure that they same content is delivered at each level regardless of the teacher.

    Tightened Criteria Continues for Onsite Attendance due to Stage 4 Restrictions

    Under Stage 4 Restrictions there are a very limited number of students that are eligible to be onsite.  This is so that staff numbers at school are at a minimum to ensure their safety and wellbeing.  The majority of staff will be working from home.  The Intention Form with the criteria was sent out to families yesterday and those that meet the criteria need to return the form by 12.00pm tomorrow (Friday 28th).  Parents are required to provide their Permitted Worker Permit to support their application.


    A reminder that the criteria for absent students remains the same as it was in the first lockdown.  Parents need to call the school and advise that your child is unwell and not attending remotely.

    2021 Foundation (Prep) Enrolments

    We are now taking 2021 Foundation enrolments.  If you need enrolment forms, or know of someone else who does, can you please request them at

    Unfortunately during this pandemic we cannot take tours or hold large gatherings, however, we are holding meetings over the phone with those that inquire.

    Foundation (Prep) 2021 Information Night Tuesday 6th October 7.00pm and Transition Dates

    Our Foundation Information Night for our 2021 Foundation (Prep) students will be a Google Meet on Tuesday the 6th of October at 7.00pm.  At this meeting we will run through the procedures that need to be in place between now and next year.  The invite to the meet will be sent to all enrolled families via email.  If any parents are unable to access a Google Meet please phone the school on 5943-9000 and we will organise a time for a phone conversation.

    We will be providing four transition dates for the children this year.  The dates and times are as follows; 

    • Monday 19th October – 9.30-10.30am.
    • Tuesday 27th October – 9.30-10.30am.
    • Wednesday 11th November 9.30-11.00am.
    • Thursday 19th November – 9.30-11.30am.

    Learning Pack Courier Distribution  - Tomorrow Friday the 28th & September 18th

     Learning Packs will continue to be distributed to parents in both an electronic and hard copy format, our next delivery will be tomorrow, Friday, the 28th.    We ask that parents are patient with the delivery of the packs as the courier has 296 families that they need to get around to. This next pack to be delivered will be a three-week pack that will take the children though until the end of the term. A reminder that the distribution of the packs will be contactless and they will be left at your front door.  We have decided that we will do a further pack delivery on the last day of term, the 18th of September.  These packs will be delivered as an insurance in case school does not resume onsite in Term 4 and they will be for Weeks One and Two of Term 4. 

    A big thanks again to all of the staff for their efforts preparing the Learning Packs.  It is very much appreciated.

    Remote Learning Procedures

    Below are the major points regarding what we are implementing;

    • We are governed under the direction of the State Government. Stage 4 Restrictions mean that the majority of our children will learn remotely.
    • Parents need to contact the school if your child is unwell and not attending remotely.
    • Teachers will communicate with all families at least once per week. Parents are welcome to contact teachers electronically at any time during the hours of 8.30am-4.00pm.  All staff emails are listed in the Remote Learning Handbook that has previously been emailed to parents. Classroom enquiries are to be emailed to the teachers.
    • The Office will not be physically open, please call 5943-9000 or email enquiries to and a member of the Office staff will get back to you.
    • The students will be participating in video’s and Google Meets with the teachers. Your child’s classroom teacher will contact you weekly to inform when your meetings are scheduled.
    • Learning Packs will be sent by courier to all families on Friday the 28th of August and again on Friday the 18th of September. A reminder that all work is also provided electronically.
    • After receiving feedback from parents during the last remote period regarding submitted work tasks we are asking that families submit up to three tasks per week that the children are proud of. It is not an assessment task. This can be as simple as taking a photo of the work and emailing it in. 
    • All camps and excursions are cancelled for Term Three and we are still awaiting advice regarding the Sacramental Program.

    For the very few children that will be attending school the following procedures are in place;

    • If you are one of the few families that fit the criteria to allow your child to be onsite during this period you must complete the Intention Form sent out each week regarding your child’s attendance. The form was sent out yesterday and needs to be returned by 12.00pm tomorrow. A Permitted Worker Permit must be provided to support your application.
    • All children attending the site will be temperature checked upon arrival and will need to be picked up if they are reading 37.5 and above.
    • Children that are sick in any way must stay at home.
    • Children need to wear full school uniform and bring snack and lunch as usual.
    • Every child must have their own drink bottle, bubble taps are switched off.
    • The learning pack sent home must come into the school as the work they will be completing at school is exactly the same as they would be doing remotely.
    • Pick up and drop off is from the Church car park only and parents are not to leave their cars.
    • Children can attend from 8.45am – 3.10pm.
    • The school will be running a skeleton staff so your child will not be supervised by their normal classroom teacher.
    • Staff will be wearing masks and PPE at certain times when it is appropriate.
    • If families are being tested for COVID the children must remain home until a negative test result is received.
    • Out of School Hours Care is available only for the children who meet the criteria to be onsite.


    Please contact Fil at the Office if your family circumstances have changed for a confidential discussion regarding your fees.






    Mariah 6LR, Mach 5NB, Derwei 3AT, Sunday PGW, Areng 3KG, Anyang 4RD, Michelle 5TA, Tial PGW, Rani 2TA, Liam PNC, Jordell 3KG, Van 6LR



    Friday - every week On Site school attendance forms due in for students of permitted workers

    Friday 28th August 2020 

    Remote Learning packs - Delivered to families homes via courier.  No school pick up! 

    Friday 18th September 2020

    Remote Learning packs (for Term 4) - Delivered to families homes via courier.  No school pick up! 

    Tuesday 6th October 2020

    Foundation/Prep 2021 information night 7pm via Google Meet.

    Monday 19th October 2020

    Foundation/Prep 2021 Transition Day       9.30am - 10.30am

    Tuesday 27th October 2020

    Foundation/Prep 2021 Transition Day       9.30am - 10.30am

    Wednesday 11th November 2020

    Foundation/Prep 2021 Transition Day       9.30am - 11.00am

    Thursday 19th November 2020

    Foundation/Prep 2021 Transition Day       9.30am - 11.30am

    If any families are struggling at this time and would like to reach out for a chat or support please contact Meg Escalante, our Wellbeing officer, via email on  You can also see the leaflet below from the Be You website which has contact numbers for you to call. 


    eSafety’s parent guide to popular apps – NEW parent webinar (1 hour)

    As part of Child Protection Week (6 – 11 September 2020) the eSafety Commissioner is inviting parent/carer communities to participate in a webinar “eSafety’s parent guide to popular apps”. 

    Taking a look at TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube

    This live webinar (no cost), focuses on popular apps used by young people. It will include case studies, research, and targeted advice so you can support the young people in your life to have safe, enjoyable online experiences.

    • Tuesday 8 September 12:30 pm
    • Wednesday 9 September 7:30 pm
    • Thursday 10 September 12:30 pm

    REGISTER NOW to avoid disappointment!

    From the website:

    The Australian Parenting Website

    Talking to children about coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Your child is probably seeing and hearing a lot about coronavirus (COVID-19) on TV, radio and social media, as well as from other people. Talking with your child about coronavirus (COVID-19) can help your child understand and cope with what’s going on.

    Here’s how.

    Make time to talk
    Find the right time to talk with your child. This might be when you and your child are sharing a snack, at bedtime or in the car. When your child is ready to talk, give your child your full attention.

    Find out what your child knows
    It’s a good idea to start by asking your child what they know about the virus and whether they have any questions. For example, ‘On the news today, they were talking about coronavirus. Have you heard people talking about that? What were they saying?’

    Explain coronavirus (COVID-19) in a way your child can understand

    • Use a calm, reassuring tone and stick to the facts.
    • For younger children, keep it simple and brief. For example, ‘That’s right, some people are getting sick with a germ. It makes them cough and sneeze. The sick people are being looked after well by doctors and hospitals’.
    • For older children, offer more detail. For example, ‘The virus spreads through things like sneezing, coughing and touching infected things. That is why good hygiene and hand-washing are really important. They help to protect everyone’.

    Tune into your child’s feelings
    Some children might not be worried about coronavirus (COVID-19). But some might be frightened, upset or worried. They might be worried about the virus itself or about how it might affect their lives.

    Ask your child how they are feeling and listen to what they say. You can also ask your child what they need to feel better. It might be reassuring if you share your own feelings and let your child know what you are doing to cope.

    For example:

    • ‘I can see that you’re worried about grandpa getting really sick. I love how caring you are. If anyone we know gets sick, the hospital will take good care of them. Let's have a big hug to help us feel better.’
    • ‘It can be scary not knowing what’s going to happen with the virus. Scientists all over the world are working hard to find a vaccine and treatment. In Australia, we have good hospitals, doctors and nurses who can look after us.’
    • ‘It’s OK to be worried about catching coronavirus. I sometimes worry too. Some people are only getting minor symptoms like what you get when you have a cold. If I need some good information, I look at the health department website.’
    • ‘It’s disappointing we can’t go to the footy on the weekend. But the doctors say that this will help stop the spread of coronavirus, so this is how we can help. Let’s go outside and kick the ball together.’


    Please click on the links below for some wellbeing resources.

    Link to: Youtube clip on helping children understand scary stuff on the news

    Remote learning - Tasks 
    5TA cooking 'Breads around The World' -
    Inquiry topic 'Around the world in 20 days'.
    Lily's Spanish bread
    Mielle's Filipino Bread
    and Anabelle's Lebanese Bread

    3KG - Writing Task




    Please fill in the attached form if you require your child/ren to attend school next week.  Please note this form must be sent in by 12pm Friday with your worker permit.

    We hope you are enjoying our new e-newsletter and website.  With our new look also comes a new app.  Over the next couple of months we will stop using our current Skoolbag app and start using our new Szapp.   So no one misses out on any important information we will use both until 30th October.  Please make sure you have installed the new app by then.  

     Follow the installation guide below to install the new app on your smart devices.  

    Dear Parent/Guardian,   



    By now you would of realised that Care Monkey has changed there name to Operoo so all the correspondance you would have recived from the Care Monkey Administrator is now Operoo Administrator.   When you log in to Care Monkey you will be redirected to the Operoo webpage but please update your bookmarks and links as soon as you can.   The way the program looks and the way you use it hasn't changed.  


    Please remember to update any details in Operoo, for example change of address or phone number,  this will send us a message that your details have changed and we are then able to update our database.